Hi Gary,

The card says it all!

Through TV and newspapers etc., you hear of people having bad experiences and, believe me we’ve had it ourselves, where people come in, promise all kinds of everything but are not willing to put things right if it goes wrong.

We just wanted to say how grateful we are that, as you once said “we used a reputable company”- SAM Drylining.

When we first suspected there was a problem, you didn’t hesitate to come and check it out. You pushed to get this resolved. You thought at your initial inspection, it might have been a fault with the product batch. You assured us that Parex are a reputable company. Following your negotiations with them and site visits, a resolution was agreed. We are more than pleased at the outcome of this- particularly as Parex agreed to supply a replacement product, which we are very happy with.
Our thanks to your workmen who have done a fantastic job- so clean and tidy. Also, thanks to Glen and his co-worker who completed the silicon work.

We have tried to put a comment on your website but there doesn’t seem a facility for that. However, if you would like to use us as a reference, or take pictures, whatever, you’re most welcome.

If you’re ever passing and need a “pit stop”- the kettle is always on!
We would like to thank SAM Drylining- (GARY) for all the hard work in resolving this matter.


Joyce and Jeff Selby